Welcome! This is the web page of the Trasgo Research Group of the Department of Computer Science at Universidad de Valladolid (Spain).

Fields of interests:

  • Development of programming models, runtime systems, and tools for parallel heterogenous systems.
  • Speculative parallelization.
  • Parallel solutions to computationally-intensive problems.
  • Development of system software for embedded applications, using open-source technology.
  • Internet of Things and applications such as indoor location systems.

A little history:

The origins of Trasgo Group are some collaborations that started around 2005 between its two funders Arturo Gonzalez-Escribano and Diego R. Llanos. They were the principal researchers of some industry related projects, and they started a common scientific research line in parallel computing. PhD students were recruited and a stable research group was started.
The group has conducted several research projects funded in regional and national competitive calls, as well as several research and innovation projects with enterprises and public institutions. The group is part of the GIR Mobivapp (Grupo de Investigación Reconocido) in Universidad de Valladolid, and has formed the UIC-148 (Unidad de Investigación Consolidada) granted by the regional goverment (Junta de Casilla y León).